GIGA is an independent video production company that does everything from concept, pre-production, shooting, editing and finishing. 

We specializes in creating high quality music videos. We have a decade of experience in this field and we can offer you the best quality for a very competitive price.

We are based in Ghent, Belgium but we travel all over the world to create the perfect video! 



A testimonial video is a type of video content that features real people describing their experience with a particular product, service, or brand.


The goal of a commercial is to create engaging content that will grab the attention of the viewer and compel them to learn more about the product or service.


Branding is the process of creating a unique identity for a product, service, or business.


An aftermovie is a video created after an event or experience to capture the highlights of that experience.



A photoshoot is a session in which a photographer takes photographs of a person in a creative way. Photoshoots can be used for a variety of purposes, including capturing a special moment, creating marketing content, or simply expressing one’s personal creativity.


Real Estate photoshoots help to highlight the best features of a property and as reference images for potential buyers. Also it can be used in marketing materials, such as brochures and websites.


A product photoshoot is a specialized type of photography that involves taking pictures of a product or item that will be used in the advertising, marketing, or retail of a business.


A event photoshoot is a type of photography that captures special moments during a large event, such as a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, club event, behind the scenes. The purpose of the photoshoot is to capture the emotions, atmosphere, and experiences of the event.



If you are looking for a professional video editing service, you should let us edit your video. Our editors are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to delivering the best quality of videos.


We can help you create a strategy that will drive more traffic to your business as well as increase customer engagement and loyalty. We will give you peace of mind when it comes to your social media.


We understand what it takes to create an effective brand campaign. We understand the importance of staying on target with your message and staying within the boundaries of your budget.



Our team of creative professionals has the energy, enthusiasm and expertise to provide results for your business. We're experts in every aspect of video production. We 


With a decade of experience, you can trust our team to handle your video and social media marketing projects. 


We are making videos for the last 10 years and we do the best quality of work. Our clients are very satisfied with our work. We are working with both Dutch and International Clients. 


 We are a young company and still grow a lot. We have to be fast on our toes to keep up with the growth. GIGA is able to react fast and deliver even faster. 

We understand that you‘d like to receive your video quickly. Our goal is to deliver it within 10 days, but we prefer to work with longer deadlines in order to ensure quality. That way we can make sure that the video meets your expectations.

Yes, you can join us during the video editing process, however, we prefer working remotely using our online method. This allows us to be more efficient and effective in our workflow.

Depending on the project, you will typically get 3 revisions included in the original agreement. If you require more than 3 revisions, additional fees may apply.

We can help you brainstorm ideas, create storyboards, and develop strategies for effective product promotion. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life.

I believe that working with us would be beneficial because we are young people ourselves and understand the social media apps and are experienced in creating content. Our team has the knowledge and skills to create engaging content that resonates with your target audience, allowing us to make a real impact. 



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music video

A strong video can capture the essence of a song, creating a powerful and memorable way for people to connect with your music.

At GIGA, we understand that no two music videos are alike. We customize each project to meet the artist’s particular needs and vision. We bring creativity and innovation to every shoot, providing the artist with a video they can be proud of.

Using video for your music can be a great way to visually tell your story in a way that words alone cannot. By combining the power of music and imagery, you can create a powerful message for your audience. 

Using video to promote your music is an effective way to reach a wider audience. Videos are easy to share and can be seen on multiple platforms, such as YouTube and social media.

Additionally, videos can be used to create promotional campaigns, where viewers can see the artists personality and the musics message. Videos can be used to create a buzz around your music and increase its visibility. This can help you reach a larger audience and gain more recognition for your work.


A testimonials video is a short video where a customer or client shares their personal experience with a product or service.

The video usually focuses on the customer’s positive experience with the product or service, and it often includes other elements such as customer testimonials, product demonstrations, customer reviews, product comparisons, and more.

A testimonials video can be used to help promote a product or service in a compelling way, by providing potential customers with real-world, positive experiences with the product or service. 

Testimonials videos are used to give potential customers an insight into the experiences and results of existing customers. They provide a visual and/or audio element to customer stories and reviews that can better engage potential customers.

We can help create a good testimonials video by working with customers to gather the information and stories that will be useful for viewers. We can then create a script that outlines the structure and content for the video, and then begin the filming process. Lastly, we can edit the video to add music, graphics, and visuals to bring the story to life and make it more engaging. 


A commercial video is a video created for the purpose of advertising a product or service. It can be used to promote a business’s services, attract customers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales.

The most effective commercial videos are ones that are engaging, creative, and informative. It is typically short in length, ranging anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and designed to be engaging and capture the viewer’s attention.

Creating a successful commercial video requires careful planning and creative execution. The goal is to create a video that stands out and effectively communicates the brand message. To do this, businesses need to come up with innovative concepts, identify their target audience, and create a well-crafted storyboard. It is also important to consider the technical elements of production, such as lighting, sound, and editing.

We can help businesses create a valuable commercial video by first understanding the goals and objectives of the project. It’s important to understand who the target audience is, what message the business is trying to convey, and what action they want viewers to take after watching the video.

We can help businesses create a valuable commercial video by providing professional services in the areas of pre-production (storyboarding, scripting, casting, etc.), production (shooting, editing, etc.), and post-production (color correction, audio mixing, etc.).

Additionally, we offer consultation and guidance on the best strategies to ensure the commercial video is engaging and communicates the brand message effectively.We can also provide guidance on the best way to distribute the video, such as social media, paid advertising, and on-demand video platforms. 


Branding is the process of creating a unique and recognizable identity for a product or service that can help a business to stand out from their competition. 

It involves developing a name, logo, tagline, and other visual elements that help to convey the company’s values and differentiate it from other competitors. With branding videos, businesses are able to create a memorable and engaging experience that potential customers will remember for a long time. 

A branding video is a type of promotional video that is used to represent a company’s brand. Branding videos are used to introduce potential customers to a company’s products and services, or to display the company’s values and philosophy. The goal is to create an emotional connection with viewers, so they will remember the company’s brand and products. 

We would work with the company to create a narrative that reflects their goals and values. We would also ensure that the branding video is tailored to the target audience and that it is engaging and memorable. 

We help businesses create valueable branding that help to reinforce their messaging and create a strong connection with their target audience. This includes developing a storyboard and script, creating graphics, animations, and editing the video to ensure it is of the highest quality. 

Finally, we would make sure that the branding video is distributed in the most effective way to reach the company’s desired audience. We use analytics to measure the impact of the video and ensure that it reaches its intended audience and drives desired results. Ultimately, our goal is to help businesses create a video that truly reflects their brand and makes a lasting impression.


An aftermovie is a short video or film that captures the atmosphere and memories of an event. It can be used to create a lasting impression for attendees, and to inspire others to participate in the event in the future. And can be used to create marketing and promotional content.

We can help create a good and valuable aftermovie by providing timely and professional video editing servicesWe can also assist in the selection and use of music, sound effects, and other audio/video elements to help bring the video to life. 

With our experience and expertise, we can help create a compelling and engaging video that will capture the attention of potential viewers.